Post Apocalyptic books

I’m curious. Why do all the post apocalyptic books never show the in between time? You know the part where it first starts, before everybody dies and there is no food and civilization as we know it it undone.

We are living that story now, right now, in all the world. This is the time that comes before the end of the world, before civilization ruptures and our lives are fractured into a million splinters.

We need to document this. Maybe not by writing a book, some people aren’t meant to be writers. But by documenting our experiences of our first news break about COVID 19 and then the first deaths and the first care in the USA we leave a legacy. We need to leave words to tell our grandchildren so they know, so they don’t make the same mistake.

We learn from history, but we can only learn from it if it written in an unadulterated fashion for our progeny to learn from. If we allow the truth to be spun; it will happen again. And the next time may be worse.

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