Been a while –

My book Tea with Death and the Expiration Date came out on May 12th, 2021. The next installment, Tea with Death and the Well of Souls will be released later this month or the first part of August.

Some more exciting news, Tea with Death is going to be an Audible book! You can hear them all! All eight books in the series will come out in Audible too!

That’s the good news on the home front.

Other news, well guess what, the Coronavirus is still here and it’s killing people just as much as ever. It feels like it isn’t as bad as it was because we have become inured to the numbers. But ya’ll it’s still in the thousands, people are dying in the thousands everyday.

Is there an answer? I guess it depends on how you look at it. Yes, in that there is a vaccine that doesn’t keep you from getting the virus, only keeps you from getting quite as sick. It’s like the flu shot. You can still get the flu, you just don’t get as sick as you could. It can save some people from dying.

But there are side effects from the vaccine you say. Well, duh! There are side effects to everything. Is the side effect of possibly not dying from the virus better than the side effects that are minimally noticed in any age bracket? You be the judge of whether you want to help save the human race, or spread this disease.

By the way, for those of you who are afraid of the government putting tracking devices in the vaccine. You do realize that vials are multidose, it would be impossible to make sure that a tracker was in every dose unless they were using single dose vials. And if the government really wants to track you; you have a cell phone. Who do you think keeps turning the location on?

See you soon, behind my mask.

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